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September 2014 Remittance – Day 2 – with 93.5% of the deals LoanPerformance tracks

Day #2 and it is still nice to be back digging into the data and focusing on issues affecting Non-Agency RMBS investors. Once back in, we are reminded how many issues need to be investigated and explained. Today’s commentary includes discussions on 10 Year IO recasts, servicing transfers, REO liquidations, short sales, early pay defaults, called deals, rep and warranty repurchases, modifications, and miscellaneous unexplained events. As always, our commentary will inform, guide, warn, educate, instigate change, anger, and even entertain. We made some amazing discoveries from the data in the past and you should expect no less from us going forward. Inside our commentary you may find clues to your next opportunity or a warning of trouble to avoid. As our client, you will no longer have to make decisions in a vacuum, as you get to share in our collective knowledge from being in touch with some of the smartest people in the industry.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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