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November 2014 Remittance – pre-Holiday thoughts

We believe our commentary is a fantastic way to keep you informed of the Non-Agency RMBS market and also to get you prepared for what might be next. If you have Non-Agency RMBS investments, it is an inexpensive tool to keep your investments out of trouble and even help you discover some new opportunities. In 2015, we plan on bringing into FirstSight those other sources that we derive so much valuable information from. Most importantly, as our client, you gain our relationship and the collective knowledge base that we bring with us. We will be there as a valuable and trusted resource.

Today’s Commentary: If Non-Agency RMBS deals had to answer to Santa, we would have quite a few deals on his naughty list. One of our top goals for 2015 is to assist our clients in separating the good from the naughty. Much of the criteria investors used in the past does not apply anymore and many of the models investors are using depend on data that may be flawed, missing and/or subject to misinterpretation.

Webbs Hill Advisors are data scientists at heart. We can identify rich and untapped data sources, bring structure and relationship to it, and make analysis possible. Our mission is to provide the most relevant, timely, and insightful data analytics to help our clients find new opportunities and make informed decisions.

Today’s commentary includes discussions on loans, deals, issues, and methodologies that we are concerned about and monitoring. We feel it is important for investors of Non-Agency RMBS to stay on top of these concerns, as these issues will have an impact on your cash flows in 2015. Webbs Hill Advisors uses all this insight to keep improving the analytics that we provide to our clients.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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