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Servicer Event of Default – Now Nationstar plus some more Ocwen

We have also included a spreadsheet of all deals with a Servicer Event of Default with links to the actual notices.

Nationstar Deals

  1. SABR 2005-FR4

  2. SABR 2005-FR5

  3. CSFB 2005-1

  4. CSFB 2005-2

  5. CSFB 2005-3

  6. CSFB 2005-4

  7. CSMC 2006-2

  8. CSMC 2006-7

  9. CSMC 2006-8

  10. CSMC 2007-6

Ocwen Deals

  1. ABFC 2007-WMC1

  2. SABR 2005-FR1

  3. SABR 2005-FR2

  4. HASC 2005-I1

  5. HASC 2005-OPT1

  6. HASC 2006-OPT1

  7. HASC 2006-OPT2

  8. HASC 2006-OPT3

  9. HASC 2006-OPT4

  10. HASC 2006-NC1

How does Wells Fargo interpret a Non-Vote?

Does the PSA give Wells Fargo the power to consider a non-vote to mean a vote not to terminate the Servicer? It appears Wells Fargo believes that to be true, but only recently has Wells Fargo properly notified Certificateholders of that interpretation. The wording of the notices has changed over time from silent to redundant to clearly stated as a vote not to terminate.

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