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Enough is enough

It would be nice for the trustees and servicers to make an effort to resolve some of the issues discussed in today’s commentary. Servicers just need to look at their own data to discover what we have documented.

Our revised servicer mapping is available (as of 9/15/2015).


  • Paid to Date: 2008 and prior by city

  • REO Sold prior to June 2015 – yet still in Deal

  • Question: If a foreclosure is reversed because the court determines the trustee failed to prove its standing at the time it filed the foreclosure complaint, what remedies can a RMBS investor seek?

  • Early Payment Defaults still in Deal (August 2015):

  • 62% One Day Property Appreciation plus a First Pay Default

  • Why hasn’t this loan been repurchased?

  • First Pay Default sold last year but still reported as a REO (Nationstar)

  • Get in on the best deal in Key West before they are gone

  • RMBS Performance Statistics: 2002-2007 Vintages

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