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Countrywide RMBS Settlement – Who is actually servicing the loans?

If you think Bank of America is servicing most of these loans, then think again. Bank of America is actually servicing 52% of the loans, with ditech* (yes, ditech!) being the next largest servicer with almost 11%. Even Ocwen is servicing a few of these loans. As we believe it is important to know who is servicing your deal, for the 530 trusts covered by the Settlement Agreement, included with today’s commentary are:

1. Detailed Servicing Mapping by Trust

2. Performance Report by Trust and by cohort (allows you to judge the performance, if you can)

Our Servicer Mapping is quite extensive. We list the Master Servicer and sub-servicer along with the number and percentage of loans in each trust. Although we know the exact loans for each Master Servicer, unfortunately, Bank of America releases only the number of loans that are sub-serviced and not the actual loan numbers.

Bank of America Servicing Transfer Report – September 2015

* effective 8/31/15, Green Tree Servicing and Ditech Mortgage Corp combined to form Ditech Financial LLC, known as ditech

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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