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December 2015 Remittance – Initial Observations

We end 2015 with a collection of observations, a bunch of tables and charts, an account of a borrower who beat the system, and a fascinating story behind the largest loss that occurred this remittance. We are here to protect your investments, assist you in trading, and to investigate and answer questions regarding remittance issues, servicer problems, trustee problems and other concerns.


  • Called deals

  • Losses Made Whole (Rep & Warranty Repurchases)

  • Largest Loss – December 2015 - SASC 2002-6

  • Citimortgage should not have foreclosed but rather done a deed in lieu of

  • foreclosure

  • Borrower WINS, Investors LOSE

  • Early Payment Defaults still in Deal (Made 6 payments or less)

  • Delinquency Stats as of December 2015 Remittance

  • CPR/CDR/Severity Stats as of December 2015 Remittance

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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