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January 2016 Remittance - More Observations


  • Called Deals – January 2016 Remittance

  • Servicing Transfers:

o Wells Fargo to SLS – effective January 2016 Remittance

o Everbank to Nationstar – effective March 2016 Remittance

  • Lehman RMBS bondholders - $100+ million in expenses coming your way: Follow-up from our April 27th Commentary

o Lehman Shelves: Extraordinary Trust Expenses from US Bank remittances (attached spreadsheet)

  • Large REOs

o CWHL 2006-TM1; Loan # 112890935; Servicer: Bayview (previously BAC/CW)

o SAMI 2004-AR5; Loan # 0045509462; Servicer: Nationstar (previously BAC)

o TMST 2007-3; Loan # 0018913319; Servicer: Nationstar (previously BAC)

o HVMLT 2007-5; Loan # 0001737369; Servicer: Ocwen (Homeward 3/13)

* Why did it take 7 years from last payment to recover the property?

  • Recent Ocwen Non-HAMP Modifications

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