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Losses that should not be

Investors should always pursue the trustee for loan activity/non-activity that doesn’t make any sense. Today we highlight some of these loans. Please let us know if there are any loans you need us to investigate. We are here to protect your investments.

Topics in today’s Commentary

  • Big Loss Coming – UBS should have repurchased this loan (MABS 2006-NC2)

  • Highlighted in our May 27, 2015 Commentary – Wells Fargo Servicing – Things are just getting worse for investors. (SAIL 2005-9)

o More Escrow Advances yet Property Taxes still go unpaid

o Advances now 345% of Market Value?

  • Forgiveness: Permanent Loss for Investors – Possible Financial Gain for Borrowers

  • Examples:

  • JPMAC 2006-WMC4

  • GSAMP 2007-HE2

  • SAIL 2005-5

  • GSAMP 2006-HE8

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