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January 2017 Remittance – Initial Observations

In 2017, understanding the granularity of these bonds will become more important than ever before. We have more extensive data tied to the individual loans than anyone else, period. We highlight many individual loans as proof of what we can discover for you. Let us help you better understand your investments. Email/call/BBrg. Have a great weekend.

Topics in today’s Commentary

  • Additional Servicing Transfers from Wells Fargo to SLS

  • Rep & Warranty – Losses made whole – January 2017: FFML 2007-FF2

  • Prepay Speeds

  • Top 50 Largest New REOs

  • 2 New REOs

  • Top Largest Losses

  • Some Large Losses this month

  • Two Loans in Foreclosure comprise 47% of the entire Deal-Group: RFMSI 2006-SA3 Group IV

  • Loss Severity – Non-Agency’s own “Alternative Facts”

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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