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March 2017 Remittance – More Observations

Happy Friday. We are always available to answer questions, locate properties, scan the public records, or work on ad-hoc requests.

Topics in today’s Commentary

  • Servicing Transfers

  • March 2017 Remittance

  • 2016 - 2017

  • Wells Fargo, as Securities Administrator, is reporting FALSE Liquidations (we discussed this in September 2016)

  • Sample Deals where Bloomberg is reporting bad Vol CPR, CDR and Severity – March 2017 Remittance

  • Examples:

  • HASC 2007-HE1

  • SAMI 2006-AR8

  • Loan Level – Voluntary Payoffs incorrectly reported as a Liquidation by Wells Fargo due to a loss under $1,000 – March 2017

  • Crazy Home Loans that really exist (aka big losses coming on DQ loans)

  • RALI 2006-QO5

  • RFMSI 2007-SA3

  • SASC 2007-BC1

  • SAMI 2006-AR6

  • MARM 2005-1

  • As reported by the press

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