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Top 3 Seriously Delinquent Loans by Deal

Today we are distributing our spreadsheet that shows the three largest seriously delinquent loans by deal. We provide the percentage of the deal for each loan along with loan details, property information, latest valuations, advances, key Zillow stats and April 2017 remittance data. Using the filters provided, investors can isolate characteristics such as payments made, geographic location, latest valuation types, HVI percent changes and more. For some loans, we even include the property address. This spreadsheet is a quick and interesting way to discover how vulnerable your investments may be to just a few problem loans.

Key Data Fields (if available)

  • updated valuation

  • outstanding advances

  • the Zillow valuation estimate and Zillow’s zip code level stats including

  • market health

  • previous year-over-year change in their Home Value Index

  • forecasted year-over-year change in their Home Value Index

  • percentage of homes with negative equity

  • average number of days on the market

  • the amount of recognized and/or unrecognized deferred debt (forbearance)

  • the reason for default

Currently, we have updated valuations on almost 50% of all seriously delinquent loans, and close to 100% for Ocwen and Nationstar serviced seriously delinquent loans. For advances, we generally have close to 100% for either Ocwen serviced loans or Nationstar master serviced loans. For deferred debt, we have reliable data from Wells Fargo, Nationstar Master Servicing and BNY Mellon.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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