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Hurricane Irma – FEMA declares 7 more FL counties a major disaster

We are updating our Irma exposure mapping and zip code list to reflect the current FEMA Major Disaster Declarations as of 9/11/2017. FEMA added 7 additional counties (in red below): 5 in Northern Florida around Jacksonville plus 2 in Southeastern Florida.

  • Florida Hurricane Irma (DR-4337) – 16 counties ONLY (out of 67) Major Disaster Declaration declared on September 10-11, 2017 Individual Assistance

  • Southwest: Charlotte, Collier, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Monroe, Pinellas, Sarasota,

  • Southeast: Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach

  • Northeast: Clay, Duval, Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns

  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Irma (DR-4336) Major Disaster Declaration declared on September 10, 2017 Culebra, Vieques

  • U.S. Virgin Islands Hurricane Irma (DR-4335) Major Disaster Declaration declared on September 07, 2017 St. John (Island) (County-equivalent), St. Thomas (Island) (County-equivalent)

Our Non-Agency RMBS mapping includes the following columns:

As FEMA just estimated that Irma destroyed 25% of the houses in the Florida Keys, we added a separate column for Monroe County, FL (aka the Florida Keys).

We include a sheet by DEAL and by DEAL-Group. Watch your low loan count pools!

For information on the FEMA Declaration process and the two types of declarations (Emergency vs. Major Disaster) please go to:

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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