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Updated Call Rights Spreadsheet – November 2017

Based on client feedback, we continue to improve our Call Rights spreadsheet. In our latest version we now:

  • show performance statistics for the entire deal instead of just for the OTS current loans

  • use the MBA delinquency status methodology

  • include initial Reserve Amount and Wells Fargo reserve activity

  • include our Recognized Forbearance data.

There are 2 sheets in our Call Rights spreadsheet:

  1. CALLED sheet: lists all called deals from January 2014 through October 2017, including deals not tracked by CoreLogic LoanPerformance. We did our best to locate those deals. Column U shows the Initial Reserve and columns AV-AY shows the Wells Fargo Reserve Activity.

  2. ALL DEALS sheet: includes all deals active as of the October 2017 Remittance plus all the called deals. We believe the side by side comparison is very useful in determining call potential of active deals. Columns include:

A: Deal

B: Trustee

C-E: Lawsuits against Trustees

F-K: Shelf, Vintage, # loan at orig, As of (or Call Date), UPB, Factor

L-V: Criteria to determine Call Potential:

  • Call Percentage

  • Eligible Flag

  • Has Shelf been called?

  • Ocwen/Nationstar involvement (either servicer or master servicer)

  • Similar stats to prior called deals (FRM only) – we adjusted these criteria somewhat

W-BH: Performance statistics of all loans

BI-BJ: Recognized Forbearance - we have forbearance data on 4,068 deals, with 1,968 deals from Wells Fargo CTSLink, which we deem to be the most accurate

BK: for active deals: Suspected Call Entity or Ownership from Prosup (not to be depended on)

Feedback (good/bad) is always welcome. We can adjust the format and methodology to meet your requirements.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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