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November 2017 Remittance - Observations

Today we discuss a smorgasbord of observations. We have lots and lots of valuable data (other than CoreLogic) that we source each month, and we are always here to help you with any analysis that you require. We have already provided access, analysis and insight on the issues listed below and will continue to in 2018. Email/call/tweet at us anytime.

  • Actual Advances (Corporate, Escrow, Net Interest & Principal)

  • Call Rights

  • CPR/CDR/Severity – the right way to calculate

  • Default Reason

  • Forbearance Recognized / Subject to Forgiveness

  • Forbearance Recoveries

  • Forbearance Unrecognized

  • HAMP Data

  • HMDA Data

  • Hurricane Exposure

  • Interest Only expirations

  • Interest Rate Step Ups

  • Liquidation Proceeds Analysis

  • Prior Liquidations not reported to Trust (Fake REOs)

  • Property Address

  • Recorded Documents

  • REO Listing Prices

  • REO Sale Prices / Proceeds

  • RMBS Litigation Settlement Allocation

  • Servicer Events of Default

  • Servicer / Trustee / Bloomberg / Intex Errors

  • Servicing Transfers and Mappings

  • Shared Appreciation Recovery (Ocwen SAM)

  • Statute of Limitation of Foreclosure (FL and NY)

  • Trustee Litigation

  • Trustee Reserves and Recoveries

  • Updated Credit Scores

  • Updated Property Valuations

  • Zillow Research Data

Topics in Today’s Commentary:

  • Called / Terminated – November 2017

  • Largest Losses – November 2017 Remittance

  • New REOs this month

  • WAMU: Where is the Settlement Cash?

  • Loss Severity Comparisons

  • Forbearance Recovery

  • First Payment Defaults – Why are these still in the deals?

  • Hurricane Harvey Analysis – 3 Month Current to Delinquent Roll Rate

Called / Terminated – November 2017

CMLTI 2004-RP1: There is a Holdback Notice posted on Wells Fargo CTSLink. Unfortunately, access is restricted.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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