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Value Added – REOs – Ask us what we know before you trade

Topics today:

  • What is the Magic Formula used by Carrington?

  • Maybe one day, when all these deals have been paid off and I am sitting in an assisted living facility, someone from Carrington will share with me the secret formula behind their remarkably low loss severities.

  • We go through one recent liquidation in detail. The math doesn’t work. See for yourself.

  • Value Added – REOs – Our Estimated Loss Severity

  • Don’t get fooled into buying a bond with big losses ready to wreck your P&L. Seriously delinquent loans can create serious losses. Let us help.

  • All our data is sourced from publicly available sources. We stay far away from any non-public data. From the public records data, we are exceptional at locating the address, recorded documents, court dockets and many other interesting facts that can predict loss. We also have access to advance data and updated valuations on 40-50% of all seriously delinquent loans. We even know liquidations that mysteriously have never been recognized by the trust. Those should not be your problem.

  • 12 examples of what we can provide are included.

  • Lehman RMBS Settlement Update

  • Surprise. It ain’t over. Closing arguments took place on February 8-9th.

  • Why? The Estimation Proceeding turns out to include allowing the trustees having the chance to argue for a larger amount.

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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