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WAMU Settlement to be paid out in February 2018 Remittance

Spreadsheet attached with the Final Distribution by Collateral Group, Dated January 26, 2018

Excerpts from the Informational Notice Regarding the Trusts Listed on Exhibits 1-A and 1-B (“Trusts”) Procedures for Distributions of Settlement Proceeds posted by Deutsche Bank, February 14, 2018

  • For those Trusts in which distributions are administered by the Trustee, the Trustee currently anticipates that distributions of the Allocable Shares will be made in the February 2018 distribution period.

  • With respect to certain of the Trusts for which the Servicer or Master Servicer calculates monthly distributions to Certificateholders, the Trustee has been informed by the Servicer or Master Servicer, as applicable, that such calculations are anticipated to be completed in time to enable distributions of the Allocable Shares for such trusts to be made in the February 2018 distribution period.

  • Certificateholders are advised that distributions of the Allocable Shares as to any particular Trust may not occur in the February 2018 distribution period where the Trustee, the Servicer or the Master Servicer, as applicable, encounter issues in implementation such distributions under the relevant Governing Documents, or otherwise determine that they are unable to determine the appropriate treatment of the Allocable Shares in that period.

  • Distributions of the Received Funds will be included with the monthly distributions on the WAMU Securities; accordingly, distributions to holders of particular WAMU Securities will be made to holders as of the record dates for such WAMU Securities for the month or months in which such distributions are made.

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