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Mislead/Inform plus Litigation Update


  • Intex may mislead you on Forbearance

  • FYI – We will update our forbearance data after the March 2018 Remittance. You must use our data if you see a Deutsche Bank or US Bank remittance.

  • Bloomberg will mislead you on this Valuation (not their fault)

  • Examples from TMST 2005-1, HVMLT 2005-15, JPMMT 2006-A5, MARM 2005-1, OOMLT 2007-2, JPALT 2006-S3,

  • JPMorgan Chase RMBS Settlement – Latest Docket Entries 657387/2017

  • Request to the Court to enter proposed judgement without further delay for 98 trusts, where one or a group of investors comprise the entire intervening group, or there is no intervening group, and settlement payout is not in dispute

  • Spreadsheet attached with deal names (that’s helpful)

  • Lehman Settlement Update

  • 40% of $2.38 billion = $952 million, so approximately $1 billion is the expected payout to bond holders

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