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Webbs Hill

We are a data mining organization. We are data scientists who are at ease in the digital realm and can identify rich and untapped data sources, bring structure and relationship to it and make analysis possible. Our intense curiosity and sophisticated technology toolset will allow us to tap into the richest data flows.

We build products that transform the way organizations use their data. We are proud of the work we are doing to ensure that data analysis is effective and valuable.

Our data mining techniques will help you find the answers you seek. We like to work on the hardest problems to solve with data that comes from disparate sources and is incomplete and inconsistent.

Our mission is to provide the most relevant, timely, and insightful data analytics to help our clients find new opportunities and make informed decisions.

Our Team
Scott Gimpel, Cofounder / Partner | Phone: 203-253-0180

Dan O'Connor, Cofounder / Partner | Phone: 607-227-0189


With more than a quarter century of industry experience, Scott is recognized as an innovator in the use and implementation of high-speed analytical databases in mortgage-backed research.  Before founding Webbs Hill, Scott was a Managing Director and Head of RMBS Non-Agency Strategy and Big Data Analytics at RBS Greenwich Capital.  He was the first major client of ParAccel, a parallel relational database system using a shared-nothing architecture with a columnar orientation.  Scott has been ranked in Institutional Investors All-America Fixed Income Research Team and recognized as one of the Most Helpful Analysts in Non-Agency RMBS by Greenwich Associates.  Earlier in his career he worked at IBM on the development of the IBM PC-AT and worked closely with a startup in Bellevue Washington on the development of a C Complier and DOS 3.0.  Scott is also the co-author of “The C Answer Book”, a companion text to  K&R’s “The C Programming Language”. Scott has a MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University and a BS in Operations Research from The Johns Hopkins University.


With over fifteen years of industry experience, Dan is an expert at designing, building and delivering analytical products to mortgage trading desks.  Before founding Webbs Hill, Dan was a Non-Agency Trader at RBS Greenwich Capital responsible for providing liquidity for seniors, mezz and derivs backed by prime, alt-a and option arm collateral.  Prior to trading, Dan was part of Scott’s Quantitative Strategy team researching, developing and implementing sophisticated data extraction techniques and building innovative data analytical tools and models.  Dan is one of the original users of the ParAccel database and one of the most experienced users behind the technology employed by Amazon Redshift.  In fact, Dan’s contributions have assisted Amazon developers to improve the functionality of AWS Redshift’s windowing techniques.  Earlier in his career Dan programmed voice recognition technology for IBM.  Dan has a BS in Operations Research from Cornell University.


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