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A weekly commentary on issues affecting Non-Agency RMBS investors.  Taking an atypical ground-up approach, inSIGHT commentaries aim to both inform and entertain subscribers in a manner not found in broker-dealer research reports.  Recent commentaries include Outstanding Principal Forbearance, Call Rights, Statute of Limitations and Liquidation Proceeds not remitted to the Trust.


A suite of reports for Non-Agency RMBS investors.  Summary and Historical Performance Statistics delivered via Excel at the Deal, Deal-Group, Pool Type, Servicer and Shelf Level and further broken down by Vintage.  Also included is a Change report highlighted any significant month over month changes in important metrics.



A web portal that allows users to generate deal/group level analytics for Non-Agency RMBS. Available reports include:  

     * inDepth – monthly historical performance, a great tool to view             trends on any of the 240+ parameters we track. 

     * snapshot2D – matrix of collateral characteristics

     * Loan Level – including updated BPOs, Mod Step-ups, and                   Unrecognized Principal Forbearance.

Analytic Platform

A fully managed Data Analytics platform built off the cloud computing resources and database architecture on Amazon Web Services.  Webbs Hill will host, manage and maintain your data on Amazon Redshift; a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools.  

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