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December 2016 Remittance - Servicing Transfers and REOs

We are always available to answer questions and investigate anything that disturbs you. Feel free to suggest a topic that we should look into. It is critical to know the true value of your seriously delinquent properties. We are quite good at matching addresses to delinquent loans using the public records. Even better is the availability of updated valuations (we have 40% of all seriously delinquent loans). We are your research team. We have lots of data and analytics to share. Just call or email.

Topics today

  • Servicing Transfers

  • 3 More Servicing Transfers from Wells Fargo to SLS

  • Sub-Servicing Transfer from SPS to Shellpoint

  • REO Liquidated – but Loan is still in Deal

  • REO Liquidated – but Loan is still in Deal and why did they sell so cheap?

  • Why having access to BPOs is so valuable?

  • Top 10 Largest REOs

  • In REO for 6 ½ years

Contact us at 203-276-0672 to become a client and access all reports and attachments.

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